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One of the benefits of us being locked down in March 2020, was that it gave us plenty of time to be able to work on our dough recipe. Anyone who has a home Pizza Oven, or makes their own dough will know there are millions of different ways to make your dough. Different varieties of flour, yeast choices, hydration, fermentation processes, to add sugar or no sugar etc. Call it a rookie error, but I completely missed the importance of the flour we used, thought it must all be the same, and maybe where I have been buying Pizza takeaways from before it was! But we didn’t want to be the same, we wanted to be different, we wanted to care about the craft we were creating. So we said hello to Dough Education! 

The most important thing we learned over the next 6-9 months when making our dough, is that it is always relative. The ingredients you put in, the water, the weather, your equipment, what oven you’re using, how long your dough has proofed for. All of these different variables make such a big difference, so for us just experimenting and getting to know what worked best for us was key. We do not share our dough recipe at this point, as it has taken us so long to get where we are, and right now we enjoy being able to give people tips when they come to our trailer. What I do advise is to read the progress with your eyes, visual cues. Look at what is happening to your dough in the mixer. Observe how your cheese and dough are browning as the pizza bakes, and remember recipes are guidelines and not rules. You are the Boss of your Dough!

Now while I won’t mention suppliers, it is only fair to tell you that we experimented with dozens of different flour types before settling on what we have now. It is a UK supplier of Organic 00 flour, super finely milled and gives us the best, lightest, and most consistently great dough! It goes through my fingers like talcum powder, and I love watching it absorb the water in the mixer, the process of it all I find mesmerising and it is my reflective time when I am making my dough. Take your time, enjoy it…..this is the foundation and the most important part of your craft. I think you can put anything on top of a pizza and it will please most people, but the cherry on the cake for me has been when customers come to me and say they have never eaten pizza crusts until they tried mine! I will take that.

Look at this flour tower (00 Flour photo)

Then we move on to combining two elements together, earth and water (water meets flour photo)

I vary my speeds, depending on the weather and heat of the dough in the mixer, but this is what I am looking for. My big dough baby (dough baby photo)

I cold ferment the dough in smaller food containers, to allow the time to breath, expand and bulk ferment. This is done in a fridge for 24 hours (one becomes three photo)

Now its time to weigh and form the balls, another part of the process, and I make 280g balls for a 12″ pizza (insert weighing and balling photos)

Finally they are ready to be put in their trays and back into the fridge they go for another 24 hours (fridge time photo)

If you are interested in purchasing just the dough from us, please get in touch. We would be happy to supply for you to enjoy back at home or for you to cater for your own event.

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